Baby Driver and JSBX

Saturday, July 1st 2017

JSBX are featured on the soundtrack to the new Edgar Wright film ‘Baby Driver’. Check out some of the info here…

– How a New York band inspired ‘Baby Driver’ 20 years ago

– How They Pulled Off the Perfectly Timed Stunts in ‘Baby Driver’




Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

Yes folks, the Blues Explosion is on the mend and feeling stronger everyday! We are happy to announce that the canceled November European tour dates have been rescheduled for March 2016.

Thanks again to all our friends & fans for their understanding & support. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy holiday and a great new year. Peace!


Sunday, December 20th 2015

New York City is a big place. A loud place. Some of that noise is music. And some of the music is noise.

Sucking it all in and turning it loose with prejudice, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion takes a ferocious bite out of the Big Apple with their new long-player, Freedom Tower – No Wave Dance Party 2015, the first record of the new era that demands to be stopped and frisked!

Like the best sides that percolated up from the Bronx, the Lower East Side, and Greenwich Village across the 1970s and ‘80s – Freedom Tower is more than a high-octane dance party record, it is a document of New York City, a chronicle of grit and terror and love!

It’s all here: The Hustler and The Trust Fund Baby, the Mosh Pit Casualty, the Celebrity Chef, the Crooked Cop, the Struggling Artist, the Sucker MC, the forgotten Sex Workers and Last-Chance Cinderellas. Within these grooves are cold-water tenements, blue-chip galleries, dingy Avenue B studios, and the last real warrior poet whose dark magick brings garage rock ghosts back from the grave!

Freedom Tower is a radical portrait of New York City set to the savage funkacide of the Blues Explosion, locked and loaded with the most deadly, predatory guitar riffs that primitive magnetic tape can handle…. From start to finish, Freedom Tower is overmodulated, cooked with dirt, and finished in acid rain! Freedom Tower is packed with the kind of beats and rhymes that will make even the most reserved Walter Mitty jump back and say “damn!”

For nearly a quarter-century the Blues Explosion have been sweating, freezing, eating, drinking, fucking, fighting, winning, and losing in New York City, perpetrating some of the most timeless moments of musical mayhem in the history of Manhattan and beyond. As ever, Jon Spencer tells the tales, Judah Bauer plays the blues, and Russell Simins smashes things to bits… And as always Blues Explosion stomp on the faux underground oasis peddled by bourgeois hipsters and marketing jocks to deliver the real deal — rock’n’roll that is unapologetically nasty and strong.

Rehearsed and polished in a string of secret gigs and unannounced opening slots in theaters, hotel bars, and dives (often under assumed names), and then recorded at the legendary Daptone House Of Soul in Bushwick and mixed with hip-hop cult legend Alap Momin at the cutting edge of Harlem, Freedom Tower is the most provocative statement of urban pathos and panache ever recorded.

Play this record at all-night rent parties, picnics, discotheques, and protests!

There are eight million stories in the Naked City — but there is only one Blues Explosion!

Freedom Tower – dig it now, while you still can!


Wednesday, December 16th 2015

THE BLUES IS # 1 in NEW YORK CITY, and to celebrate the release of their new long-playing record album Freedom Tower – No Wave Dance Party 2015 the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion will be bringing their brand of high-octane street hassling back home with an unprecedented Five Borough Freedom Tour!

The Blues Explosion will be leveling neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island the week of March 23 to March 28, including free shows at dive bars, breweries, and beyond!

And if those Five Fingers of Death weren’t enough to knock you out, the JSBX will also blast out a special set at WFMU’s new state-of-the-art recording & broadcasting facility, The Monty Hall, in the sixth borough, Jersey City, NJ !

03.23 / Liedy’s Shore Inn

03.24 / Cake Shop
Tickets on sale here.
Grab yourself free passes with an early purchase of FREEDOM TOWER from Other Music NOW.

03.25 / WFMU at Monty Hall
Tickets on sale here.
Grab yourself free passes with an early purchase of FREEDOM TOWER from Vintage Vinyl NOW.

03.26 / Hank’s Saloon
Guarantee entry with early purchase of FREEDOM TOWER from Turntable Lab NOW.

03.27 / The Point
$5 on the door

03.28 / SingleCut Brewery

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